Button still works even if disabled. and more

Jun 12, 2010 at 3:59 PM

Thank you very much firstly.

I just download the source code and have had a test.

I put a time picker and a asp:button on the page. I set the time format to 24Hours.

I write a function for the asp:button click event, and only one line is here:


and then I do some operation on the timepicker.

1. I change the hour to '00' by click picker's buttons.

2. I click asp:button to disable picker.

   here there emerge two strange results,

        the first, the Hour is changed to '  '. that is, the Hour becomes null.

        the second, the picker's buttons still work. but one error message will be definitely popup.

3. If I don't use the picker's buttons and click the asp:button to enable the picker again,

      the Hour keep null.

     and now if I click picker's buttons, the Hour will become to Nan. ....


I hope my test could be a bit of value to you.

Thank you again. The time picker is very useful to my app and I hope it can be much more effective.